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A revolutionary digital coin system for future money.


Trovex is India's first Trovex currency company to give you more then exchange. Trovex, India's most valuable Trovex investment app, is dedicated to make Trovex accessible in a simple way. not only for exchange but to purchase with Trovex currency. Trovex is bringing a new revolution in India. We're Launching an exchange that will be easy to everyone who is interested in Trovex to join the digital Trovex currency revolution. The world is moving fast on to his regime change at an unprecedented pace. Now is your time, with Trovex you can buy, sell, trade Trovex Currencies and purchase ( to start with we have two platforms gold jewellery and Land purchase) with amazing ease. conviction and believe. Whether you're a first time investor or a professional trader-Trovex goes hand in hand.

The Largest & Best Digital Currency
for Your Future money

Trovex Is Untraceable

Sending and receiving addresses as well as transacted amounts.

Autonomy self-rule.

Trovex has striven to solve blockchain governance, transparency brings

Transparency & Stability

In Trovex, transparency brings trust & old strong transparency

Our Features



Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin and more Trovex currencies in India.

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TVX token, a utility token backed by Trovex, forms the back bone of Trovex ecosystem. We launched Trovex tokens to involve our community in helping us build out Trovex.

  • On staking/holding of TVX token gives you
  • 02% Monthly 28% yearly Return
  • Start trading now!


    If you are a beginner in Trovex currency, we have a user friendly platform to learn everything about Trovex and start earning.

    Educating People About
  • Trovex Currency (Bitcoin, ethereum & other coin)
  • How To Sell
  • How To Buy
  • Upcoming Events
  • Trovex Latest News
  • Start trading now!

    don’t miss our apps

    Mobile Application for Faster Access.

    Now you can control dashboard from the mobile!

    Mining should be fair & easy! We dose not allow ASIC on our network. The development team is who commited to with keeping it that way.

    Fastest Growing Global Network.

    We’r the fastest growing digital money that with strong community & security. Check our info with some number.


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    Current Stock

    TVX Token

    Just like Bitcoin and other Trovex currencies today TVX is token created by Trovex There will be a maximum 90 million token ever created..



    Market Research


    Formation of foundersteam Business plan


    Start of Platform Development


    WhitePaper Landing page


    Pre-Sale Launch Platform in beta test mode


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